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March 29th, 2002:Cordoba, Spain
March 28th, 2002:Cordoba, Spain
March 27th, 2002:Cordoba, Spain
March 26th, 2002:Seville, Spain
March 25th, 2002:Seville, Spain
March 24th, 2002:Lagos, Portugal
March 23rd, 2002:Lagos, Portugal
March 22nd, 2002:Lagos, Portugal
March 21st, 2002:Evora, Portugal
March 20th, 2002:Evora, Portugal
March 19th, 2002:Sintra, Portugal
March 18th, 2002:Sintra, Portugal
March 17th, 2002:Lisbon, Portugal
March 16th, 2002:Lisbon, Portugal
March 15th, 2002:Lisbon, Portugal

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