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September 9th, 2002

Valdapenas, Spain

We arose even earlier than the last day, piled into the truck, and crossed into Spain. Steve explained that we needed to reach Rabat by Thursday night or we'd have to wait until Monday to get our Mauritanian visas. We killed time on the long drive by playing cards, reading, listening to music -- the truck had a tape player and a CD adapter -- or just watching the monotonously flat Spanish scenery scroll by.

In the late afternoon we arrived in the unremarkable Spanish town of Valdapenas. And so on our third day of travel, we finally got around to camping. Neil and I agreed to share a tent -- as much for our mutual aversion to snorers (of which the truck had several) than for any other reason. Sam cooked up a rice and meat casserole while Steve took us through the nightly routine. We were all responsible for our own tents, but meals were to be prepared by two person teams according to a rotating schedule. Marion, a young German girl with short, dark hair, agreed to team up with me.

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